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Palawan Waldschildkröte

Palawan Waldschildkröte - Schildkröten-Katastrophe auf den Philippinen



Nachfolgend ein Aufruf von Andrew Walde, Co-Vorsitzender des Programmkommites



The Team on the ground in Palawan have been overwhelmed by your offers of support (monetary, supplies, and people) and we can't thank you enough.  The Team has been extremely busy over the past few days and have completed and initial assessment and treatment of all turtles.  The good news is that the team felt that approximately 2,400 of them were healthy enough to be released, and as of today all of those animals have been released (approx 2,200 S. leytensis, 160 Cyclemys sp., and 5 C. amboinensis).  While there were many deaths during the first few days, few animals have died recently, which speaks to the talent and abilities of the Team.

Left over are approximately 1,000 live turtles (give or take a couple hundred) that will remain in rehab until they are healthy enough for release.  These turtles are on an every third day treatment schedule, and will be assessed at each treatment.

The main purpose of this email is to thank-you for your support, or offers of support, and to help coordinate supplies and personnel. 

Supplies - There is still a great need for basic veterinary supplies.  Based on our activities over the past several days, the most commonly used medical supplies will remain needles, syringes, oral fluid/nutritional therapy, ceftazidime, topical shell care products, and stainless steel feeding tubes. We have approx 45 g ceftaz on hand, but depending on how long turtles are treated we likely need approx 300 g more. We are expecting a substantial amount of enteral feeding product in near future and Zoo Med has also offered up supplies/food.  If you are able to send supplies, please email me a list of what you are sending so we can ensure that we don't end up with too much of one product and not enough of another.

Personnel - With approximately 1,000 sick or injured turtles to care for, we are going to need personnel over the long haul.  We are  hoping to have a constant crew of two vets and four support staff (vet-techs, keepers, etc.), but this will depend on availability of personnel.  We have enough people on site, or arriving shortly, to cover the needs through approximately July 1.  We have received several offers from agencies to send personnel.  Please coordinate with me (Andrew Walde, awalde@turtlesurvival.org) directly to help us with scheduling.  Some of you said you couldn't get to Palawan immediately, please consider that we will need assistance for most of July and August at a  minimum, and possibly longer.  We are only looking for people who are self-funded or have institutional support.

Please do not hit reply all!

Thank-you for your support.

Andrew Walde
Co-chair Program Committee


Transforming Passion for Turtles into Conservation Action

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Palawan Waldschildkröte